In order to use the services provided by Japan Local Buddy, you must read AND agree to our terms and conditions (outlined below).

1. About Japan Local Buddy (JLB)

Japan Local Buddy (which will be referred to as JLB from this point on) is a website created for the purpose of giving tourists coming to Japan the opportunity to experience Japan and its culture through the eyes of the locals.

2. About the JLB guides

The JLB guides are volunteers provide this FREE service to tourists visiting Japan via their love of sharing their country traditions, as well as their culture with those visiting. JLB makes no claims or promises to the experience and/or qualifications of its guides.

3. Expenses

The guide services offered by JLB are free and tipping is not necessary. Although, after being matched with a guide, we do ask that you discuss together about any fees that you may incur upon him/her, such as transportation, or food and drinks.

4.Statement Of Limited Liability

JLB and the JLB guide(s) assumes no responsibility for any illnesses, theft, injuries, lost items, accidents or any other damages incurred by the guests that may occur during the guides. The guest(s) accept complete and total responsibility for any damages, losses, theft, injuries accidents or other damages that may be incurred upon him/her/them while using the services of JLB.

5.Inappropriate Behavior

If any of the conduct listed below is detected before, during or after the guide, JLB guides reserve the right to cancel their services at any time. Any kind of inappropriate sexual behavior and/or advances upon the guide that he/she does not feel comfortable with, as well as anything that goes against the guides, morals or regular public order. Any kind of actions that the JLB guide feels are offensive or inappropriate, as well as those that may negatively reflect upon the JLB guide.

6. Rights to Refuse Services and Conflicts of Interest.

JLB may refuse or terminate their services requested by the guest(s) at any time due to the following reasons. The JLB or the JLB guide has been provided with any kind of false information on the guide request form and/or during any verbal agreement between the guest(s) and JLB or any of the JLB guides. The guest(s) attempt to monetize for their own profit or gain by managing a business using JLB services. The guest(s) request(s) to participate and/or engage in any kind of service directly or indirectly related to "sexual tourism." This includes, but is not limited to adult sexual goods/book stores, brothels and/or anything else that the JLB guide determines is inappropriate to the guide services that JLB provides. The JLB guide may cancel appointments or guide requests with due notice because of unavoidable reasons and/or situations, extreme circumstances and/or natural disasters. Last minute Cancellations by guests. Due to a number of cancellations in the past by guest(s), JLB reserves the right to refuse further requests of JLB's services by guests who have cancelled in the past without a proper, due notice. However, this does not apply to cancellations based on unavoidable and/or extreme circumstances.

7. Handling of User Information

JLB only uses the information that you submit solely for the purpose of matching you with a guide that we find is the best for you. JLB DO NOT give or sell your information to any outside parties whatsoever.

8. Changes to the Guide Services Policies, Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is subject to change by the Company at any time. Acceptance of Policies, Terms and Conditions of Japan Local Buddy(JLB)

9. Applicable Law, Dispute Settlement and Court of Jurisdiction

Use of this service and interpretations and applications of the Terms of Use shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan. For any dispute arising in relation to the terms of use, the Tokyo District Court of Japan shall be the court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.

Effective on October 1st, 2017