JLB Dreams

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Our Mission

This is a free walking tour but this is a tip-based tour. After the tour, you’ll decide how much you pay depends on how much you like the tour. Our goal is to give people opportunities to appreciate different cultures and connect people from all over the world. It usually costs a lot to travel and some people give up joining experiences to explore the different culture. We do not want YOU to miss these chances to open your eyes just because of the expenditure. So, we would like to give opportunities for ANYONE to have wider point of view by holding this walking tour for free. We believe that if people understand the diversity of the world it will make the world better, it will be less conflict, So we would appreciate it if you understand our passion and support our activities. Your tip will support not only our activities but also support an non-profit called “The Green Bird.” They pick up trashes almost every week and keep the town clean. We believe the cleaner the city is, the more attractive the city will be. So we appreciate it if you agree with the idea.

About Green Bird

The Green Bird” is a non-profit that tries to keep the city clean. They started in Harajuku/Omotesando, Tokyo and spread to all over Japan. The main activity of them is picking up trashes and clean up streets. Their motto is “KEEP CLEAN, KEEP GREEN”.