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Guides in Tokyo

Shunta Omori

I have traveled the world and learned so much from it. The most important thing for me when I travel is connecting with the locals. I think the true characteristics and culture of a country can only be experienced through people. We started this service because we want you to experience Japan through our people. By introducing “Hang Out Japan”, where you can interact naturally with Japanese people, we welcome you to the real Japan.

Fumino Sakaguchi

Hi, My name is Fumino. l like talking with people from different cultures and shearing our culture. And I’m doing calligraphy ,which I want to do abroad. Two of my favourite things are cooking and eating! I think Curiosity is my superpower!I'm looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

Mayuka Sugimura

Hi, my name is Mayuka! I used to work for Walt Disney World as a cultural representative; worked at a Japanese restaurant to share Japanese culture. I enjoyed talking with guests who asked many questions about Japanese culture and told me how different it is from their culture. Through the experience, I found that there is still a plenty of interesting things in Japan that you may not know. In our tour, you will find something new in Japan which is not easy for you to know without locals. I really hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Japan and we’re here to make your stay magical!!.

Shota Asaka

Hi everyone, I'm Shota. My friends called me "Zoo" though feel free to call me Shota/Zoo. I live in Kanda, where located between Akihabara and Tokyo. There are many amazing Izakaya, I will show you the crazy bar hopping tours 😉

Guides in Osaka

Yuji Tsutsumi

Hi guys! I’m Yuji from Osaka. Japan has over 2 millions of foreigners in every months now, BUT many of first or second time visitors tend to visit just famous and popular areas. I’d like those people to explore and discover real Japan which is not made for tourists, and I could help you to do so together!! Let’s hang out now!