Story of JLB|Eating Sushi with Spanish couple in Shibuya!

We received a guide request from a Spanish couple, Adrian and Ana who came to Japan for their honeymoon. Although Adrian has been here before, it was Ana’s first time to come to Japan, so we, Kazuhiro Takano, and myself, Yuka Takada, tried our best to make their honeymoon memorable.
We met up with them at Suidobashi where they stayed.

First, we headed for Roppongi station to take a bus. In the train, we enjoyed getting to know each other and discussed what we would like to have for lunch. The double decker bus that we took from Roppongi to Shibuya was free and from it we were able to enjoy seeing the townscape of Roppongi.

When we arrived at Shibuya station, they took some pictures with the statue of Hachi. Then, we walked toward Village Vanguard, which is known as the most exciting book store in Japan. We went there to get some T-shirts that have Japanese characters, Hiragana or Kanji, printed on them. The store sells so many interesting goods and we had a good time just walking around the store. Afterwards, we went to the game center “Adores” to take Purikura photos. It is very popular not only among teenagers in Japan, but also among tourists from other countries. They were surprised to see the one we took because our eyes got bigger and our faces got smaller. I hope it became a good souvenir for them.

After spending some time at the game center, we headed for the shoes store “Onitsuka-tiger”. They told us that they can get shoes from Onitsuka-tiger in Mexico but the variety is less rich compared to Japan. That might be the reason why the inside of the store is always filled with foreign customers because they are coming to get something they cannot find in their own countries. Adrian and Ana tried some shoes and Adrian was able to find a pair he liked.

It was about time to have lunch, so we went to a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, so called “Kaiten-zushi” in Japanese. They were really interested in the system that directly delivered the sushi they ordered along a high speed lane straight to their seat. They seemed to really enjoy this very Japanese cuisine!

Lastly, we walked toward Harajuku and looked around some clothes shops along “Takeshita-street”. It is always extremely crowded making it difficult to move together as a group. We saw a woman dressed up in a costume and Ana asked me if such was normal. Such fashion culture as found in Harajuku is really unique to Japan, and it attracts lots of foreigners who find it enjoyable.

Although we couldn’t spend much time with Adrian and Ana, I hope their honeymoon went well!


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