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In 2014, Japan Local Buddy (JLB) was launched to help tourists exploring Shibuya, Tokyo. At first, Shunta was standing at the Shibuya Station with holding a sign board that says “ How Can I Help You?” The activity has expanded and many Japanese joined him. Since then, we’ve been helping a lot of tourists. Also, we connect Japanese locals and tourists by holding international parties and giving free tours.

We believe that the best thing to do when you travel is to interact with locals. Even if it is the internet society, the true characteristics and culture of a country can only be experienced through people. When we share culture which gives us new perspectives, we will appreciate others. Our goal is to make the world HAPPY!

Through our free tour, we would like you to enjoy your trip in Japan. Since all the tour guides are highly motivated and love the city, you will enjoy the city like locals with us.

Operating Company

NameJnnovations Inc.

CEOShunta Omori

EstablishmentDec 16th, 2016