Month: September 2018

Story of JLB|Seeing again with tourists who was guided by me

Hello, My name is Misaki! I am a volunteer guide of JLB. This is a story that I became like a family with travelers who asked me about information of Shibuya at Japan Local Buddy’s activity in Shibuya. The encounter with the family was last summer. When I was volunteering for tourists in Shibuya as usual, it was two families that came from Hawaii, and they have talked that “I want to eat delicious ramen.” I couldn’t imagine that staying…
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Story of JLB|Explore Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku.

Hello guys! I am Hayato, a member of JLB and I am university student. Today, I have guided 6 families from Malaysia. I feel nervous before I met them because this is for the first time to matching guide but I had a really good time. In this article, I’m going to introduce that tour. Firstly, we meet up at Shibuya, and then we have walked around popular spot in there. Although there are not many sightseeing spots in Shibuya,…
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