Story of JLB|Seeing again with tourists who was guided by me

Hello, My name is Misaki! I am a volunteer guide of JLB.

This is a story that I became like a family with travelers who asked me about information of Shibuya at Japan Local Buddy’s activity in Shibuya.

The encounter with the family was last summer.

When I was volunteering for tourists in Shibuya as usual, it was two families that came from Hawaii, and they have talked that I want to eat delicious ramen.

I couldnt imagine that staying Hawaii a half month and getting one more family in world by this encounter. When we took them to ramen restaurant, we were hungry so we went with them.

After that, I guided around Shibuya just a little bit, and then exchanged our Facebook contacts when we say goodbye. It is not unusual to exchange contacts with tourists for me because I am so it was the usual flow.



And time passed, I met again in Hawaii in February of the following year, I spent half a month together. It was really sweet time for me.



Because the family’s dad was an army, they got me to take in the US military bases and other local people, including another family I met in Japan, took me to various places in lieu of almost every day!

Tears did not stop at the airport on the way back. . I spent only half a month, but I got another irreplaceable family! I can not wait to see you again!



I hope that tourists will enjoy trip in Japan through communicating with locals.