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Japan Local Buddy (JLB) is a volunteer group that helps tourists enjoy their stay in Japan.

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Exprore Narita Area 
(Niarby Narita-Airport)

Naritasan Shinshoji-Temple and Omotesando are popular tourist attractions that can be reached by train from Narita International Airport in about 10 minutes. Go for a walk at Naritasan where you can enjoy the temple and retro streets and gourmet!

Wear Kimono 

Put on Japanese traditional Kimono and take a lot of pictures

Eat Unagi

Unagi (eel) is the most famous local foods in  Narita 

Visit local temples

Make a wish at the temples and experience Japanese culture

Find your favotites

 Peanuts, pickles and sheepskins…find your favorites!!


Make Okonomiyaki Experience

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style pancake made from egg, flour and cabbage with lots of toppings. We eat okonomiyaki with special okonomiyaki sauce which is sweet and savory sauce. We have two styles of Okonomiyaki such as Osaka style and Hiroshima style.

Cooking Step. 1

Cook meat first and put mixed batter on the meat. Cook for 3-5min until the bottom side is nicely browned.

Cooking Step. 2

Flip and press the Okonomiyaki gently to fix the shape and cook another few minutes.

Cooking Step. 3

Flip over again and make sure the okonomiyaki has been cooked well.

Cooking Step. 4

Spread sauce over the okonomiyaki and add toppings. It’s ready to eat!!

Guide Report & Story

Story of JLB|Seeing again with tourists who was guided by me

Hello, My name is Misaki! I am a volunteer guide of JLB. This is a story that I became like a family with travelers who asked me about information of[…]

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Story of JLB|Explore Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku.

Hello guys! I am Hayato, a member of JLB and I am university student. Today, I have guided 6 families from Malaysia. I feel nervous before I met them because[…]

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Story of JLB|Eating Sushi with Spanish couple in Shibuya!

We received a guide request from a Spanish couple, Adrian and Ana who came to Japan for their honeymoon. Although Adrian has been here before, it was Ana’s first time[…]

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What we’re great at


This is FREE TOUR and you don’t need to pay tips. The tour guides are students or volunteers who want you to enjoy Japan. All you have to do is pay for your own transportation fee and other expenses.


We have local guides all over Japan. If you are nervous to go somewhere new and different, our guides will help you to explore wherever you are! 


We’ll make a tour course according to your request. Let us know where you want to go and don’t waste your time in Japan!!


Our service is available by just connecting FACEBOOK. Since our guides have Facebook accounts, you are able to communicate with us beforehand.

Founder’s Story

The reason why
I founded
Japan Local Buddy.

There were so many complete strangers who helped me. Whenever they helped me, my impressions of the country and the locale improved. While in the midst of my travels, I began to think, “After I return to Japan I want to do something that can assist foreign tourists. Although I cannot directly repay all the people who helped me in my travels, I can still express this feeling of gratitude by extending hospitality to people when they visit Japan.

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